About Metabolous Education CIC

Metabolous Education CIC was set up to deliver training, career changing opportunities, CPD around the two main passions of the team; outdoor environmental education and sport; primarily triathlons; swimming, running and cycling independently.

We, at Metabolous Education CIC, knew that the opportunities offered by being outdoors engaging in the environment around you through learning and education opportunities or being outdoors partaking in sports reaped great personal and societal benefits. The understanding of the benefits spending time out on mental health and physical health are growing continually

As with all good organisations we have developed and progressed over the years since the first inception and we now offer a wide range of opportunities from aquatic professional training; swim teachers awards, baby and parent teacher training, water safety training in pools and outdoor to First Aid

We offer a full range of Forest School practitioner, support and introduction qualifications. Alongside a number of short CPD opportunities. Wider environmental and outdoor education opportunities with guidance on how to use school grounds better for outdoor education, resources, schemes, plans and citizen science projects to involve students.

Wider still and we can offer archery, Bikeability, triathlon sessions, cycling, running and sea swimming. We have access to a wide range of professionals with appropriate coaching, certification and training qualifications to ensure a good time can be facilitated.

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