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Adrian Goodhand

I have over twenty years of experience working in sectors closely associated with conservation and protection of natural biodiversity. I graduated in the mid 1990s and worked for a number of years carrying out surveys, primarily invertebrates and lepidoptera. With my contributions adding to the Large Blue Project in the South West of the UK and traveling widely across the UK surveying adding data to butterfly transects and distribution Atlases. In the early noughties I started my life in environmental education as a support tutor in a large education centre in Hampshire surrounded by stunning native ancient woodland & the species associated with that habitat, ponds, small meadows and some of our most charismatic species and most under threat. I returned to Dorset and worked for a couple of education centres principally across large unspoilt meadows, cementing my invertebrate knowledge and developing a love of the open spaces.

During that time I broadened my sphere with pool lifeguarding, becoming a Trainer Assessor for the RLSS, attaining swimming teacher status, a Bikeability tutor and dabbled with short triathlons too. Pushing my off road skills, I qualified as a mountain bike trail leader too. More recently a level 1 triathlon coach

I was then fortunate a after a number of years working as a freelance tutor, I gained employment with Hampshire and isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. I added to my knowledge of working with SEND learners to develop that further with studies and CPD assisting my role as a n education officer and my first introduction to Forest School undertaking my level3 qualification. In addition to my level 4 CTLLs and further CPD such as Working with Young People with Challenging Behaviour in the Outdoors and Advanced Forest School – Tool Use.

I started tutoring Forest School courses from Level1 introduction to Forest School to level 3 in 2015 and subsequently as a freelance tutor with Hampshire and Ilse of Wight Wildlife Trust and Surrey Wildlife Trust. During this time allied with lifeguard tutoring and gaining tutor status in the RLSS National Water Safety Management Programme I have added to my knowledge my becoming a Forest School First Aid tutor using my experience in the outdoors and relevance  to offer a useful practitioner course.

I am currently adding level 4 Internal Quality Assurance and CAVA – Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement to my experience.