Forest School CPD

We are pleased to be able to offer a suite of Forest School CPD opportunities. These range from skill refresher units covering and revisiting skills developed during your initial training which may have not been used in a while. Contact us to discuss this further, if you have specific requirements we deliver bespoke training too.

Additionally, we have written CPD units with specific activities and skill sets in mind.

Additional Forest School Fire Lighting Techniques; different tinder and kindling explored, fire lays and lighting techniques which can be used by leaders and also useful to explore lighting techniques with appropriate groups.

Physicality at Forest School looking at and discussing the opportunities to develop the physical output and core abilities of attendees at Forest School. Becoming aware of the contribution that being physically active and stronger can afford to education attainment and how we can offer those opportunities, looking at diverse delivery; from simple actions during tool use to placing of ladders, rope swings, bridges and slacklines during a Forest School programme. Learn how to build a rope ladder, place a swing, slackline, tightrope or rope bridge.